Smart rainwater management system

SmartWater4Home is an irrigation system dedicated to using water from rainwater tanks.

The system is a comprehensive solution that works in a fully automated manner, easy to program and manage, with minimal need for manual operation.

Irrigation with SW4H can be managed using an app on your phone.

Smart Water 4 Home

 The use of rainwater requires it to be thoroughly filtered before being fed into the irrigation system due to its content of biological and mechanical impurities.

SW4H filters the rainwater and then waters the garden. The system allows you to configure watering zones (depending, for example, on the shading of a particular location or individual plant needs). Smart Water measures soil moisture and tracks weather forecasts – so the system does not use water if it is not necessary.

The SmartWater4Home system consists of two basic components: a controller and a hydraulic unit. It is offered in a kit with basic irrigation system equipment, or as a stand-alone unit to connect to an existing system by replacing the controller you have with the more advanced SW4H.


ikonka ilustrująca oszczędność pieniędzy i czasu

Saving money and time

The system increases tap water savings through better, more economical use of stored rainwater and reduces the amount of time required to maintain a home garden.

It allows the use of free stored rainwater, reducing the burden of the “rain tax,” and the cost of its purchase and installation can be financed with a grant from the government subsidiary program called “Moja woda” (My Water)

Intelligent management of stored water

 The SW4H system intelligently manages rainwater using artificial intelligence algorithms to determine and modify system operating parameters.

Once the irrigation cycle is programmed, the system makes the necessary adjustments related to the vegetation needs of the plants. It controls soil moisture, which is tracked by moisture sensors, which prevents the soil from drying out.

Ease of operation

 The SW4H system allows integration with your SmartHome system and, once programmed, operates virtually maintenance-free.

It includes solutions to ensure the reliability of the system by controlling the correct operation of hydraulic and electrical circuits, and introduces functionalities currently available only in industrial solutions.

Programming the operation of the system is very simple – it can be done through an application on an Android smartphone, a website generated by the SW4H controller or the SmartHome system.

Complexity of the solution

The SW4H system is a comprehensive solution. Complete software is included in the system controller.

In addition, each system includes a set of necessary sensors (temperature, soil moisture, water flow rate, water level in the tank), as well as pipes and connectors, the number of which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Better water quality for garden plants.

Rainwater works well for watering plants. It has a low pH, and does not contain chlorine and fluoride like tap water. Soft rainwater does not leave a white residue on plants like hard tap water. Moreover, it is available free of charge.

Virtual advisor

Virtual advisor

*Only the installation made on the basis of the garden design guarantees the correct operation of the system.


We are ECO and want to influence the maintenance of existing water resources. The first step is already done – everyone can collect rainwater in tanks. But we were the first to address the topic of ecological and economical use of rainwater collected in tanks for garden watering.

The topic of saving water resources is crucial on a national and global scale. It is also important in the case of water intake restrictions occurring during droughts and hot weather. SmartWater4Home sparingly manages the stored rainwater supply allows you to take care of your garden in an ecological and economical way.

Our Team

Andrzej Berdy

Computer engineer, electronics expert, and the originator of the SmartWater4Home rainwater irrigation system. Extensive experience in designing and implementing information systems and commercializing IT solutions.

Privately, a smart solutions enthusiast. Interests include technical and technological innovations, artificial intelligence. Hobbies include skiing and potato cultivation.

Regina Berdy

Mechanical engineer, certified project manager (IPMA), expert, and advisor for EU projects with over 18 years of experience (from PHARE 2000 to present). Manages infrastructural, training, and IT projects.

Privately, a project management enthusiast. Interests include Polish history and extraordinary places in Poland. Hobbies include skiing, cycling, and gardening.

Łukasz Siemion

A journalist and marketer by education, working in the field of promotion and e-promotion since 2007. Copywriter, social media specialist, and Google tools expert. Advanced internet user.

Privately, a rock musician, lyricist, and promoter of alternative culture.

Maciej Dziopak

A Master’s graduate in management specializing in marketing. Has dedicated their entire professional career to sales in various fields, from contemporary art, banking, construction industry to automotive. Passionate about working with people.

Privately, a history enthusiast, lover of delicious cuisine, and strategic games.


realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich

pn.: SMARTWATER4HOME – inteligentny autonomiczny system zarządzania zasobami wód opadowych z funkcją integracji z systemami inteligentnych domów SmartHome

Celem projektu jest opracowanie i wprowadzenie na rynek krajowy i zagraniczny innowacji produktowej – inteligentnego sterownika systemu SmartWater4Home do nawadniania ogrodu zgromadzoną wodą opadową.

Planowane efekty: wdrożenie na rynek konsumencki innowacji produktowej – inteligentnego sterownika systemu SmartWater4Home do nawadniania ogrodu zgromadzoną wodą opadową.

Wartość projektu: 1 308 823,00 zł

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 957 350,00 PLN.

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